Saturday, July 2, 2011

Taste of Orange Blossom {Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno-Stuffed Prawns}

Last night was a real treat, the special was Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno-Stuffed Prawns with BBQ Glaze and Brandon ordered the New York Steak! We shared and FEASTED! :)If you've read my OBJ posts before, you know I love the most recent special salad! It's an Avocado Salad with Red Pepper Dressing and topped with Beet Sorbet. You get HALF an avocado! Don't you hate it when you go to a restaurant and they serve you the bagged iceberg salad?! I do! If I wanted to eat that junk, I'd do it at home! I LOVE OBJ's fresh greens, and all the goodies they add to the salad. There are TWO kinds of cheese on this salad, marinated red cabbage {happy dance!}, tomatoes, and carrots!

Here is the main dish! I think we've dialed in the lighting/photo taking now! I have my husband use his iphone's flashlight app to light the plate from above and take the picture with my iphone. My phone actually takes better pictures than my camera when it's lit well. I'm loving how these turned out! Ok, now back to the food... These huge prawns are wrapped with thick bacon, and have a skinny sliver of fresh jalapeno tucked between the bacon and shrimp. Then they are topped with a BBQ glaze. These things were SO tasty! Last week they were sold out of them by the time I ordered them so they are obviously popular! There are two skewers, with three big shrimp on each one. And really, isn't everything better with bacon?! ;)

It's served on top of Parmesan Polenta {which I have to fight over with my husband because it's his favorite!}.

It also comes with a huge piece of Garlic Bread, Candied Carrots, and *new*- Sauteed Cucumber! I've never heard of sauteed cucumber before, but it was delicious! It's still crisp and crunchy and I am a sucker for cucumbers. There's a story that my grandma and mom left me on the back porch when I was 2, with a basket full of dirty cucumbers just picked from the garden. They came back out and I had teeth marks in all of them-dirt and all!

The special dessert was a Warm Blueberry Tart with Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream! It's drizzled with caramel and white chocolate. I usually don't eat blueberries, but even I loved it! George has a way of doing that...making me like things I wouldn't normally think to eat! Every thing's better when it comes from OBJ's kitchen! ;)

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