Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Mini Taste of OBJ! {Coffee Tart with Cheesecake Ice Cream!}

Guess what? Today I got free money in the mail! Saa-weet! We picked up a dining room table from Craigslist tonight for $80! I'm going to work on refinishing it this weekend! I hope to finish it by Sunday. After we picked it up we headed out to OBJ for an easy weeknight dinner! We ordered our usual favorites and then Chef George came and talked to us and brought us a big bowl of the special Chilled Strawberry Soup! It was SO different and good! I couldn't pry my phone out of Cami's hands while she was playing angry birds so I don't have a picture. Check out this dessert special he also sent out! It's a Coffee Tart with Cheesecake Ice Cream! MMM, MMM!! It was so good! The flavors of chocolate, coffee, and homemade cheesecake ice cream?! Yes, please!!

Thanks George!! What a treat!

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