Saturday, July 16, 2011

Green River Window

A couple of friends told me about a place a short drive out of town that has lots of "treasures". I decided it was time I checked it out yesterday! It's called Grandpa's Place. Well, let me just say I've never seen such a pile of stuff! You have to wear your "trash digging" clothes and prepare to spend some time walking and searching through the rooms and rooms of stuff! BUT it was CHEAP! I was a little scared because there wasn't a price on anything. I asked how we know how much it is and they said the bigger the pile, the better the deal. You take all your stuff up to the counter and the gal gives you a price. Strange. I scored this old window with a cute edge that kind of resembles a ruffle. I bought a mirror, this window, a little blue glass bottle, and two little trinkets that I let the kids choose for being good. It was $12!!!!! Total!! I've been looking for windows in antique stores and they are all $25 and up. I was so excited! I would have paid $12 just for the window!

Today I set it up on my new round folding table (estate sale find today for $5!!) and got to painting! I used "Green River" from Laura Ashley for Valspar {Lowes}. My sister in law gave me the swatch after I saw the paint at her house and loved it! To me, it looks totally different on the window than on the swatch, but I knew it would come out right because I thought the same thing at her house.

After two coats dried, I sanded parts of it and the edges to distress it.

I love having the dark wood show through in places!

I used two sawtooth picture hangers to hang it. I like the kind that you don't need nails to hammer them in, they have metal pieces that you hammer in already attached.

I moved the lantern hanger over to the side, and the paint actually looks almost identical in person!

I'm running out of room to decorate! I have started considering using my talents to serve friends that want help re-decorating their house, but haven't quite figured all that out yet. ;)

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