Friday, July 1, 2011

Cupboard Door Makeover

I bought this old cupboard door from ReStore awhile ago for two whole bucks! I knew I wanted to make a sign out of it, but not sure what. I finally started thinking about it again this week. I looked through my Silhouette software to read what free sayings there are. I dread picking words to go on walls. I guess I feel like I have to be married to them to put them on my wall or something, I don't know. I started out by just giving it a fresh coat of white spray paint. It was already white, but it was dirty. It had one hole drilled into it, so I thought I could use that to add a knob and then you'd never know.

I found these cute knobs half off at Hobby Lobby today! They were $1.50 each.

I decided I needed a touch of whimsy. My house doesn't really have any lighthearted, bright decor. Rainbow polka dot knobs are about as whimsy as I get. Ha ha. I like whimsy, I just don't know how to do it very well or make it fit in with my house.

I simply measured how far the first hole was from the edge, and drilled one to match on the other side. Then I measured in between both holes and divided it in two. Not rocket science, but better than guessing and making it lop sided! :)

The project total was: $2.00 door, $4.50 knobs. I already had the paint and vinyl. :)

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