Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dining Set Complete!

Welp, I did it. It's done. C'est fini. Yesterday I went to a couple of thrift stores on the hunt for my two final chairs and I finally found them at Salvation Army. Brought them home and OF COURSE I ran out of both cans of spray paint halfway through each chair! Ughh! I got more paint and finished them last night though! Missed how I re-finished the table? Click here to see the before pictures.Yesterday I went to Pier 1 looking for placemats and ended up finding chair cushions half off! You can see I have to buy one more today for the new cream chair on the end. I didn't want to buy more cushions until I found the chairs. One of the chairs doesn't need a cushion because it has a seat that I re-upholstered already.

This chair was a whopping $5.50. I unscrewed the seat and spray painted it Exotic Sea Spray. {Valspar-Lowes}

Now I'll show you the whimsical chair cushions I picked out...

They all have the aqua/turquoise-ish color in there somewhere so that they tie in. I love that it adds so many colors to the room and really turns up the fun.

Even the ties on these cushions are cute!

This one has beads on the bottoms of the ties!

I love the back on this one. It was my other Salvation Army find and it was $9.50 but it was on sale so it ended up being less than $7! I'll be picking out a cushion for this one today! :)

The chair from the beginning has a new life with some cute polka dot fabric!

I LOVE the way it turned out! My house feels so different now, and we have more room! The old table was great, but it just wasn't "us". If you read Cupboard Door Makeover, you know that I don't really do whimsy...until now! I think the trick is to not do TOO much whimsy. This will probably be as far as I'll dip my toes in the whimsical world of decorating. :)

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  1. AMAZING... I LOVE love LOVE your chairs and whimsical chair pads! Thanks for linking up!