Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer Parasol Wreath

I originally saw this idea quite awhile ago, but finally got around to making it when I needed to take my patriotic wreath down. I bought the little umbrellas at Smart and Final. By the way, do you know how CHEAP you can get some things at S&F?! Lots and lots of deals to be had, especially for a party planner! Anyway....this couldn't be easier! I bought a foam wreath and pushed in the umbrellas. I actually let Cami help me do this and just kind of guided her on placement.I thought it needed something in the middle so I looked for a scrap block of wood in the garage. I sprayed it aqua and cut out Happy Summer with my Silhouette. I used thin wire to loop it through the polka dot ribbon holding the wreath, and finished the ends by swirling them around a pencil.

I think it looks very summer-y and by the way I LOVE my new font from Silhouette! In case you're wondering it's called SNF Marmalade. Happy Summer! {What's left of it!} :(

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