Tuesday, June 29, 2010

4th of July Cookie Bark

I was introduced to cookie bark by my friend Trish, when she made some for Halloween last year. It is SO good! The only difference is I used red, white and blue M&Ms instead of candy corn. This can be changed up to match any holiday. I made some for Easter this year with pastel candy corn and pastel sprinkles.I had these cello bags already, and cut some tags on my cricut this morning to add some extra "cuteness" to the bags.
To start off, line a cookie sheet with waxed paper. Spread out some pretzels on the wax paper.

Next, break up some Oreos (I quartered them) and spread around the pan.

Next, I added red, white and blue M&Ms.

Microwave white Wilton candy melts (available at JoAnns and Michaels) and pour on top. It will take two bags of candy melts to do one big cookie sheet. You have to use a spatula and stir it around a bit so that it all gets coated and is all connected.

The last thing you need to add, is sprinkles on the top. I used of course...4th of July sprinkles.
Allow to dry and harden completely, a few hours. Then you just pull up on the wax paper and break it up in pieces.
This is the star tag that the handy dandy Cricut did for me.

I remembered that I bought a Close to my Heart stamp set from a garage sale and found several stamps I could use on plain tags. I cut out plain white cardstock tags with my cricut and tried some stamps out.

Just try not to eat it all when you are breaking it up and bagging it! It is so yummy and makes cute little treats!

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