Sunday, June 27, 2010

Generosity: A gift worth sharing..

Yesterday was a very special day for our family. For quite awhile, we have had to keep a REALLY hard brother in law from Arizona bought my mother in law a car! Yesterday was finally the big day! We planned a small bbq for Brandon and Margaret's birthdays and invited a few friends.Marty gave his mom a bracelet box with the keys in it and the look on her face says it all...first-confusion!Then he walked her outside and told her "it's all paid for and it's ALL YOURS!"
Oh my goodness, I can barely contain my tears even looking at these pictures for the millionth time!

Checking out her 2009 Nissan Versa...still in disbelief!
Can't believe she has AIR CONDITIONING finally!!

"Let's go for a ride, Marty!" =)

This is the first car ride for the girls in Nana's new car! They were SO excited and kept begging and begging for a ride.

Look at that smile...she said I can't imagine how bad she used to feel that she couldn't take the girls anywhere, because her car was so dangerous and HOT! Her car used to turn off by itself, even in busy intersections, and she'd have to pray and keep turning the key till it would restart again!

My wonderful mother in law said she actually thanked God for sweat earlier in the day. On her way to our house she was at a red light and as she took off quickly she said "thank you Lord for sweat, because when I take off, it cools me down when the wind hits it". Talk about positive thinking!
On a side note, I don't know how to put this into words...but I think generosity is one of the greatest gifts or "talents" a person can possess. I was raised by two of the most generous people I can imagine, who continue to heap generosity on our heads. In less than a few hours after posting on facebook that I am too cheap to buy an ipod, so I use my old worn out mp3 player from before they made ipods, a friend gave me her extra one. A generous relative had given SEVERAL expensive electronic hand me downs, as well as gifts. Our very generous friends gave us a CAR, and not a car that is too worn down to sell, but a good car, just because they knew our lives would be easier with two. I don't list these things to be boastful, don't miss my point. "Let he who boasts, boast in the Lord." These people are generous because they love God, and they love others. I have always thought that it REALLY is better to give than to recieve, it is so fun for me to GIVE! I am quite sure, I learned the joy of gift-giving and thoughtfulness from my mom. She is still that way today. On our drive back from LA last week, we were getting excited to think of what we could do for Margaret for watching the girls for us all day to make our trip to Ikea possible, and it was exciting! I serve a generous and loving God, friends, and if He never gave me anything else for the rest of my life, He gave me enough, because He gave me Jesus. Share and give, friends. Share and give. =)

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