Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Don't look now, my type A personality is showing...

The biggest project of the summer is DONE! C'est fini! Here are the results of project schoolroom! A big thank you to my parents for their generosity! Enjoy! A new room on a budget!This is the storage unit from Ikea $99.
I love that there is a place for everything!
The big white wooden box with the "B" on it is from last year at Elbow Creek. It was our class project, the lid opens is going to be our version of "the happy heart box". The happy heart box was Emma's teacher's reward system for getting a weeks worth of stickers for good behavior and finishing your work. Ours is already filled with treats.

This basket will hold our library books to keep them separate from our own growing library. I've thumbtacked the printouts from the library above the basket so that we will know when they are due, and which ones to take back.

We looked around for a big bulletin board, but they were pretty pricey, so we found two regular sized ones at Ikea for $5.99 each!

I think this might have been my favorite Ikea find...the rod was $1.99 and the cups were $0.99. They simply lift off of the bar. I should have bought more!

This easel was $14.99 at Ikea, it is a dry erase board on one side and chalkboard on the other. You can also put on the roll of paper and drape it over both sides. Roll of paper $4.99.

I did this with my vinyl and Cricut...

We did our calendar like Emma's teacher did last year. Velco on the backs of the numbers...

This book rack I've had for awhile. I got it from Target.
I added these rosettes with safety pins to the plain white tab top curtains from Ikea $14.99.

Emma enjoying one of the new learning games we found at Ross. These are actually end tables from Ikea ($7.99 each), they make perfect desks for the size the kids are right now. The chairs were $12.99 from Ikea.

Of course Emma found the bunny card, imagine that!

The girls enjoying another game from Ross, it has picture cards and shapes that you have to match on the card to form the picture.

I am totally in LOVE with how this room turned out!


  1. I wish you could hear Isabella as she looked at the pictures with me!! She loves it! And so do I!!! =)

    Well done Mrs. Baeza!

  2. So, cute! I'm sure the kids will love learning in that room. Love the flowers on the curtains and the IKEA stuff. That's one of my favorite places to shop.

  3. what is that game called with the shapes? i've been thinking about it forever. i remember playing it like in 3rd grade and would love to repurchase it! =)