Thursday, June 3, 2010

Teacher gift

Yesterday was the last day of school for Emma. I gave her teacher one of the cake plates I made, wrapped up in a big cello basket bag, a gift card for Cold Stone, and this picture. I took the picture on our field trip to COS farm about a month ago. I just ordered a 5x7 from and bought a matted frame from Target. Then I used ABC stamps to stamp out the name of each child in the class. Last, I hot glued a fabric rosette with a rhinestone center on the corner of the frame. Pretty cute, if I do say so myself!The only mess up is that I wrote the year too far down on the mat and when I put it in the frame it was covered up...

I tried my hand at sewing a larger berlap bag and put two flowers on it. I forgot to take a picture of it after I closed it up. I finished it off by weaving raffia ribbon through the open end and tying with a bow. The teacher and children loved it! Thank you to our wonderful teacher and dear friend for a great year!

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