Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Flag banner

I have seen these flag banners ALL over the blog world lately and have been meaning to do this project for awhile now. Today I FINALLY forced myself to sit down and cut the fabric and break out the glue gun!I think it's a super cute addition above Emma and Cami's queen bed that they share in the princess room!

All I did was cut diamond shapes from the fabrics and then alternated them as I hot glued them onto a ribbon. I crossed them at the head of the bed and then draped to the opposing wall and secured with thumbtacks.

I just have to add these two bottom pictures! Brandon snapped these when checking on them last night before coming to bed. They were holding hands so he came back and got the camera and turned their light on to snap a few pics. I will cherish these as they age! =)

Seriously, have you ever seen anything sweeter? I've always wanted a sister!

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