Thursday, June 24, 2010

The long-procrastinated project

This has been a project in the making for quite awhile, I have just been too lazy to complete it! It wasn't even that much work to finish, I guess I didn't quite know what I wanted to do with it. This is one panel of a stand that I used to use when I sold stuff at craft shows. I would hang hangers on the chicken wire to display my items. This morning I roughly painted it white. It was just a old dirty brown color...I tried to paint it so that you can still see some streaks of the brown through the white.
I have a different idea that I am going to use this for later on, so I will post pics of that when I do, but it's awhile off...
Since I am hosting a double birthday bbq for my husband and mother in law on Saturday I decided it could be cute if I do something different in the center for different occasions. I went to the back of the "ranch" and found this piece of wood in one of the wood piles. It is grayish and kind of looks like driftwood. Then I found these letters ready to punch out from a sheet in one of my scrapbook paper stacks. I punched out the letters for happy birthday and grabbed my mod podge. I mixed a little white paint with water and whitewashed the board. Then I mod podged under and on top of the letters.

I then just pushed in a thumb tack on each side and cut a length of craft wire. I added a few curlies and beads on the wire. I just attached it to the chicken wire in the middle of the stand.

You can kinda see the beads in this picture.

You can tell what's in bloom in my garden, huh? I will either be cutting all hydrangeas to match for the party or buying a bouquet of mixed flowers and dividing them between the bottles. I don't like that the two on the bottom almost disappear compared to the other blossoms. Apart from that, I think it's pretty cute, and all made out of stuff laying around the ranch. The only thing I bought were the glass bottles from thrift stores.

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