Wednesday, June 16, 2010

DIY sight word game

I saw a game in a Family Fun magazine called "POP for Sight Words" and I decided to try to make it myself. I posted the link to purchase the game from Learning Resources if you would rather do that. parents bought me a laminator (half price at JoAnns during their 3 day sale!) so here we go...What you'll need:
1 popcorn box (dollar section at Target)
1 set of popcorn cards (Professor Toy- $3.99)

note: the popcorn cards are glossy on the popcorn side already, so you could get away without laminating, or take them to a local place to laminate for you.

The first step is to write words on the back of the popcorn kernals with the sharpie. I chose to do the kindergarten words that Emma had to know last year, so that Cami can use it. She is the reason I made it-my popcorn lover! =)

If you are going to laminate, you just lay the pieces out in the pocket....

Insert through the machine....


I already have several of these in my kitchen so I just grabbed one from a cabinet.

This is the finished product! I forgot to make some of the kernals say "POP" because the they are used in the game, I can add them later, or just leave as is and have them draw a kernal and read the word. This can be used for so many different things...numbers, alphabet, etc, etc. Enjoy! =)

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