Monday, July 26, 2010

Coast day #4

Today was our final day at the beach. After getting ready and doing some cleaning, we walked the girls down to the pier while Nana got ready after her morning walk. It was cold this morning and a little drizzly.The girls checking out some things from afar...

We always look like a three person family in pictures...I guess someone's got to snap the pics though..
We sat on a bench and watched the shark bait, aka: surfers.

Next, we went back to the house, ate lunch and finished cleaning and packing before heading out. By the way, if you go to Pismo and have never had pizza from Guiseppe's, DO IT! I I had the tomato basil pizza by the slice at the Express building and it was the best pizza I've ever had! I think next time we're gonna go to the big restaurant and eat dinner there. We headed out to a park right by a cliff, because if I heard my kids say "I want to buy something" one more time I could jump off it! Haha. Just kidding, we were looking for something fun for them and free for us.

This park had a lot of cool climbing stuff but it's more for toddler aged kids. There are no big kid swings, slides or anything like that.
We didn't last too long at this park, because there just wasn't much for my kids to do.
I have to admit, though this park would have been GREAT for them two or three years ago!
Silly daddy trying to sleep on the whale...

Thankfully I remembered that there is a park that the girls LOVE in Morro Bay and we were planning on going there for Bayside fish n chips anyway. I don't really like fish at all but I do love Bayside, I don't know what they do to their batter! Anyway, the following pictures are from the Morro Bay park at the San Jacinto exit.

When we arrived at the beach house there was a big bowl of candy, two princess kites, two bracelets, and brand new sand toys for the beach-with a note from Uncle Marty and Auntie Bliss. Bliss is what Uncle Marty calls his girlfriend Melissa. The girls were SO excited! We flew the kites today and they were awesome! They were the easiest kites we've ever flown too!

We had a WONDERFUL, relaxing, cozy extended weekend at the beach and we are so thankful! I always come home from the coast feeling like I have a bunch of energy to tackle the chores of life again!

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