Wednesday, July 7, 2010

D.I.Y. Napkin Rings

What can I say, I'm a creature of habit. I get stressed out, I craft. Today has not been the best of days, but I am determined to combat negativity with creativity! I originally sparked this idea from this post at Positively Splendid. Obviously I changed it up a lot...the thought of scratching my hands up with cut up metal soda cans is not that exciting on a an already yucky day. I saved a saran wrap roll (it is thicker and sturdier than TP rolls) and used an exacto knife to cut it into 7 pieces. I then covered then with berlap, using a glue gun.I can't decide which ones I like better, so I think I'll save more rolls and make a big set of each kind. This fabric flower I learned how to do over at Bird Crafts, click here for the tutorial.
I then used the exacto knife to cut a small piece out of the roll and pushed the "stem" of my fabric flower through the hole. It is snug, but since it will get moved around when pulling the napkin in and out, I secured it with hot glue around the base on the inside.

This next one, I can't remember where I saw these felt flowers. I looked through my favorites to link to it, but it's not there. It might have been from a magazine. All I did was cut four of the petal shapes from felt and link them together by hand. Two stitches through each flower and as you pull it together, it forms a flower and you tie a knot. This I just hot glued on the top and then hot glued a button for the center.

Felt is much softer on the hands than cutting up coke cans. =)

This project can be "free" if you, like me, already have these supplies in your house. =) A cheap and easy way to make your table match any party theme. No big $$ spent on buying real napkin rings that match when you can D.I.Y!

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