Monday, July 12, 2010

Rosemary Flatbread!

I saw this article in Martha Stewart Living and had to try it! It is in the oven as I am typing this and believe me, my house smells wonderful! It was very simple to make, as far as bread goes. I had to alter the recipe a little bit. Check out Martha's original recipe here and then use my alterations if you like. My yeast didn't have success her way, I don't know why. In step #1 I mixed the yeast with the warm water PLUS 1 cup of the flour, and stirred together with a fork just long enough to break up the lumps. Then I let it rise (bubble) about 45 minutes before adding the other ingredients. Remember that you will need to subtract the one cup of flour you already added. When I did it her way, I had NO bubbles! Rosemary, fresh from my landscaping! =)
Half of a batch...all cut up and waiting for their turn on the pan.

Halfway cooked in the oven. Starting to bubble up.

This is what they look like when finished! Next time I won't add as much sea salt because it's pretty strong. One batch I am adding shredded parmegiano reggiano on top and we'll see how that turns out! =)
Serve with a soft cheese, hot brie, hummus or dip of your choice.

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