Friday, July 9, 2010

Wedding projects, part 2

The main project of the day (and the project that claimed the fingerprints off my index and middle finger today) were the birds. We didn't take a picture of them before she "fixed" them, and I can't find a picture of them online. This is the family they were in though. I think they are resin or something. We started with seagulls that were perched on a half-log and had a metal pole connecting them to the log. Super ugly! We found them on a Mother's Day trip to the Dollar Tree! haha. Yeah, we're total dorks, we know! =) She twisted it off the log and broke the ones off that wouldn't give up. Outside the store we tried grinding down the long beak to see if we could make it look like a bird. That was our trial bird. Today when I was glueing them onto the wood, I noticed one of the birds had been painted, but had missed the nose job that it's siblings had already endured. So here is what the nose looked like before....See how long it is?

Here too, trying to capture the length...

After removing the logs and legs and sanding the beaks, she mixed her own paint to get the perfect color, then sprayed with a clear gloss. My sister in law "made her own birch" wood blocks by cutting down a tree and whitewashing the edges and leaving them out in the sun for a couple days to dry out. This morning I glued the birds to the wood, then we glued fake moss around them. Super cute, huh?

For the love of birds! We are done with these! =)
P.S.- Breanna, hug your mama extra tight this weekend! Her immense love for you is shown all over wedding headquarters. ;)

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  1. How cuuute!! :)

    I heart birds...

    Thanks for sharing!!