Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tutus for everyone!

Emma has been asking me for a long time to make a tutu for her build-a-bear bunny, Hoppy.No, you are not crazy, Hoppy is wearing a wig! That is what Emma had been saving her chore quarters for, so yesterday we went to Build-a-Bear and she got it. Strange looking, I know. Anyway, since I was gonna buy tulle anyway, I decided to make one for each of the girls too. There is nothing new in the world of knotted tutus, same old easy way of making them. I just finally got around to making them! I used elastic and just safety pinned the ends together after measuring their waists. Cami's I cut the tulle shorter, and Emma's I cut longer. For Cami's, I chose this dark purple and white.
Emma's is Dark pink, light pink, and white. All of the white tulle I bought on a 6 inch roll at the Dollar Tree. The colored tulle I bought at JoAnns. They have SO many different colors, the combinations are endless. They use a lot of tulle, the purple one is 1 yard of purple and 1 white roll of tulle. Cami has a really tiny waist though.
Emma's is one yard of dark pink tulle, 1 roll of white, and I had to go back this morning and get more. I added more light pink to fill it in. Thankfully tulle is cheap, only $1.99 /yd. and that's regular price.

So here they are, three tutus for three special friends. =)

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